Photos and video of track cycling, road racing and cyclocross

Playing with some new camera toys

Yesterday was my first time at the track using an Expodisc, an easy way to get an accurate white balance reading. I’ve tried to get a white balance reading in the past by shooting a white piece of paper or using a foldable gray card, without much success. Partly, it’s a hassle to do that in the middle of racing–you need different readings depending on where you stand, the paper reading was inaccurate, the foldable card slid down the track, the card had to be placed closer than i was actually shooting to fill the lens.

I still have fine-tuning to do with the Expodisc. You’re not supposed to take a reading with the flash on the camera, but I don’t have a wire to take it off. So I shot into a white sign with the flash but still got a better result than I’ve had using flash white balance.

I also experimented with a couple of other Christmas presents–a Lumiquest 80-20 diffuser and Honl gels. I tried using a green gel on the flash, but that didn’t work. The diffuser softened the light but might have made it harder to get fast racing in sharp focus.

Here are some photos I liked. The event was a special training session for the Pasadena Athletic Assn. at the Los Angeles Velodrome.

Ed Kronfli getting ready to ride.


Andrew Mirzaoff helps Saveria Tilden get started.


Velodrome director Roger Young leads the group out. PAA track team leader Scott Lelieur follows the motor.


Donna Bertiger on the blue line.


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