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What I learned this week

I went to the launch party last night for elite cyclist Kit Karzen’s foundation, which aims to get ADHD kids off medication and onto bikes. It was a good opportunity to do some more experimenting with my new camera toys–the Expodisc and Lumiquest’s 80-20 kit, which I used with the gold insert. The big lesson of the evening–don’t get too low when using the Lumiquest diffuser. I ended up lighting some of my subject’s stomachs instead of their faces! The other big lesson….. If you use automatic white balance, all your photos are going to look pretty much the same. The white balance may or may not be perfect in all of them, but at least they’ll look consistent. With the Expodisc, I got great white balance in some photos, and not so great in others because the light was different all over the room and I didn’t always get an accurate reading. Especially since I was using flash on camera, which you’re not supposed to do with the Expodisc. I’m hoping to get this figured out better before the Feb. 5 Lavra race.

That being said, here are some of my favorite photos.

Olympians Michael Blatchford and Giddeon Massie were among the many elite cyclists who came out to support Kit Karzen's foundation launch.

The boy, whose family was given bikes at the event (he's not ADHD as far as i know) gets his first look at an Olympic athlete.


Technically, this isn't a very good picture. It was horribly underexposed. But the look on the boy's face is priceless, and I am a huge fan of Brian Black Hodes ( It was a pleasure watching him work.


Christine Barron and Kendall Ryan

Coryn Rivera is extremely talented and hard-working. Her body position and flying hair say it all, even when the race is just on a trainer.


Tim Roach, left, and Marc Karzen. You can't beat that purple shirt and hat for coolness.


Jack Lindquist and Megan Dean

Coolass Mike Bowers and Kit Karzen


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