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Slideshow: 2011 Masters States at the San Diego Velodrome

I grew up in San Diego and rode all over the county as a teenager. My club, the American Youth Hostels, took our bus up to the Encino Velodrome in 1972 or so–my first glimpse of track racing. San Diego didn’t get its own track until the late 1970s, but I had already left by then. So it was extra fun for me to go to San Diego last weekend and watch the state championships at the San Diego Velodrome. And it was very cool to see women who are even older than me racing the track, and nice to meet Bret Clare, Chris Daggs and Adams Avenue shop owner Andrew Lee, and see Thomas Bikes owner Jinna Aliene again.

Here’s a link to the race results. Congratulations to all the winners, but especially my club’s Chris Reed.

This slideshow plays best at 1080p

All these photos and more from the race are on my photo website:


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