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My favorite image from elite track nationals

It’s been several weeks since the end of elite track nats and I’ve been meaning to do more with my best photos — it was a chore going through all 2,000 and getting 600 or so on my website. My eyes are still tired.

Here’s probably my favorite picture. It was one of the biggest moments at nationals–two-time Olympian Giddeon Massie edged Matt Baranoski at the line to win gold in the keirin. I got peak action in sharp focus when the riders were hitting 40 mph.

Here’s what Giddeon had to say about his come-from behind victory in an interview with the Orange County Register:

 “As I was making the turn on the final corner, I thought, “oh, this is going to be close,’ ” Massie said. “There were some very quick guys behind me so I didn’t want to hit it too soon, but I did end up going a little late. Luckily, I had a little bit left at the end to get the win.”

It was thrilling to watch.


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