Photos and video of track cycling, road racing and cyclocross

The Olympics aren’t the only games in London this summer. The Paralympic Games follow the Olympics in August, featuring disabled athletes from around the world competing in 20 different sports.

Two Southern California cyclists are among those hoping to go the distance. But first, Greta Neimanas of Cardiff and Laura Sobchik of Santa Monica have to do well at the World Track Cycling Championships Feb. 9-12 at the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Carson.

In this video, Neimanas and Sobchik are training with Team USA for Track Worlds. They are riding fixed-gear bikes without brakes–that’s because if you tried braking on the Carson velodrome’s 45-degree banked track, you’d slide off. You’ll side off too if you go to slow. But when you go fast, you can feel the G forces pushing you up track.

Both Neimanas and Sobchik ride time trials–racing against the clock over fixed distances. A 500-meter race is two laps around the track, for example.

For Neimanas, who rides with a prosthetic arm, making it to London would be coming full circle. She won an essay contest and a trip to the Athens games in 2004. The first event she saw was track cycling.

“I thought people were absolutely nuts to race around the velodrome  on a bike with no brakes and one gear and super-skinny tires and 35-40 miles an hour,” she said. “And naturally I wanted to try it ”

Track Worlds is free to the public. For more information, click here 


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