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Wolfpack Hustle Midnight Drag Race on the 6th Street Bridge

The Midnight Drag Race is an annual event put on by the Wolfpack Hustle folks. This was its biggest year ever, held on the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, which soon will be torn down.

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LAVRA upgrade races

Andrew King and Mikael Weitze battled it out several times Saturday. Each race was very close. King won this sprint.

Portrait of Christopher Reed at the rail.

Big women’s field for a change.

Adams Avenue in the lead. Some riders came up from San Diego to race.

Ryan Barrett leads the group.

Favorite photos from SCNCA Junior State Track Championships

The kids who raced at the Southern California/Nevada championships last saturday at the Encino Velodrome showed a lot of speed, skill and heart. I picked these photos mainly for the “heart.”

Jules isn’t the biggest rider in his age group, but he is one of the fastest, and you can see how seriously he takes racing by the look on his face.

All I can say is, go girls, go!

Donavon went down hard on the cement track, but got up and kept racing.

Girl power!

LAVRA Friday night races and sprint exhibition

Community racers and elite riders from Team USA and Team Canada competed recently at Velo Sports Center in Carson. The elites put on a sprint exhibition for the spectators. When the results are posted, here’s where they will be.

Gillian Carleton

Jennifer Valente vs. Tela Crane

Jennifer Valente wins heat against Tela Crane.

Nate Koch vs. Sam Milroy

Gavin Hoover

Giddeon Massey beats T.J. Mathieson

Amgen Tour of California favorite shots


My first century in more than 20 years

The Run to Camacho’s century last weekend was special to me for a couple of reasons. It was my fourth century, but my first in more than 20 years. And it revisited back roads I cycled on as a teenager with the American Youth Hostels in San Diego.

It was well organized, with nice touches like renowned Julian apple pie and coffee at the start in Santa Ysabel and a taco feast and mariachi band at the finish in El Centro. But the highlight was the 9-mile descent down Banner Grade to the desert floor. Here is video of most of the descent.

LAVRA Winter Classic

Here are some of my favorite photos from the Los Angeles Velodrome Racing Assn.’s Winter Classic.

First shot of the day.

Looks like some bumping is going on here.

This is World Famous Johnny Walsh, involved in the aforesaid bumping..

Tara McCormick

Kate Wilson

A rider congratulates Kevin Schiller on his win.

Jay Wolkof

The Olympics aren’t the only games in London this summer. The Paralympic Games follow the Olympics in August, featuring disabled athletes from around the world competing in 20 different sports.

Two Southern California cyclists are among those hoping to go the distance. But first, Greta Neimanas of Cardiff and Laura Sobchik of Santa Monica have to do well at the World Track Cycling Championships Feb. 9-12 at the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Carson.

In this video, Neimanas and Sobchik are training with Team USA for Track Worlds. They are riding fixed-gear bikes without brakes–that’s because if you tried braking on the Carson velodrome’s 45-degree banked track, you’d slide off. You’ll side off too if you go to slow. But when you go fast, you can feel the G forces pushing you up track.

Both Neimanas and Sobchik ride time trials–racing against the clock over fixed distances. A 500-meter race is two laps around the track, for example.

For Neimanas, who rides with a prosthetic arm, making it to London would be coming full circle. She won an essay contest and a trip to the Athens games in 2004. The first event she saw was track cycling.

“I thought people were absolutely nuts to race around the velodrome  on a bike with no brakes and one gear and super-skinny tires and 35-40 miles an hour,” she said. “And naturally I wanted to try it ”

Track Worlds is free to the public. For more information, click here 

My favorite image from elite track nationals

It’s been several weeks since the end of elite track nats and I’ve been meaning to do more with my best photos — it was a chore going through all 2,000 and getting 600 or so on my website. My eyes are still tired.

Here’s probably my favorite picture. It was one of the biggest moments at nationals–two-time Olympian Giddeon Massie edged Matt Baranoski at the line to win gold in the keirin. I got peak action in sharp focus when the riders were hitting 40 mph.

Here’s what Giddeon had to say about his come-from behind victory in an interview with the Orange County Register:

 “As I was making the turn on the final corner, I thought, “oh, this is going to be close,’ ” Massie said. “There were some very quick guys behind me so I didn’t want to hit it too soon, but I did end up going a little late. Luckily, I had a little bit left at the end to get the win.”

It was thrilling to watch.

Dorothy Wong, cyclocross and cycling evangelist

No one has done more to promote cycling and cyclocross in Southern California than Dorothy Wong. She and her husband, Jeff Herring, have been running cyclocross races for the past decade, helping the sport take off here. You can see how much it’s grown in this video–it takes almost a minute for one pack to leap over the barriers–the riders keep coming and coming. At the beginning of the vid Dorothy gives sort of an “I have a dream” speech, a call for all cyclists off all persuasions to come together to show their love for riding.