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It was a long day at the velodrome

I got to the Los Angeles Velodrome before 9 Saturday for the LAVRA time trials and omnium and didn’t leave till 8. That’s a lot of getting up and down. I could barely walk the next two days, my quads were so sore. I need to build up my photo muscles before elite nats, which goes on for several days. The racing was especially fun because the athletes are tuning up for nats too, and some came from as far as San Jose, San Diego and Arizona. It was especially nice seeing Beth Newell, who rode strong in the men’s field, and Austin Carroll, who won the omnium.

Here are some of my favorite photos:



Bike racing in black and white

I never liked the way my photos looked converted to black and white in Lightroom or Photoshop. They looked too gray. I saw some photos on the web produced with a plug-in by PhotoWiz and demo’d it. I really liked the results. The software approximates what images would look like using different films (like Tri-X, which I shot with back in the day) papers and developing processes.

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